When You’re Not at Home!

Just a week after you’ve left the house, water in fish tank gradually becomes murky and be filled with pathogens causing harms to your beloved fish. No worries! Quacillus will be a real help!!

💦It is a type of Bacillus with larger size
💦Beneficial to the digestive tract to digest efficiently. Help with the excretory system, preventing dropsy in fish.
💦Multiply rapidly, about a hundred thousand times within 4 seconds after added. Boost your pet’s growth as it encourages vitamins and amino acid production in the digestive tract.
💦Powerfully destroy protective walls of bacteria and viruses in water.



1. Before leaving, change water in the fish tank and adjust the water quality with Tantanic or Aquatan in the proportion of 1 cc. per 1 liter of water.
2. Add 1 drop of Quacillus per 2-3 liters of water. Just a little drop is more than enough for quacillus to multiply rapidly and thrive in water.

**Just a little drop per use is enough! This long-lasting product is definitely worth your money.** 😃


💸 Price : 200 THB
Shipping in Thailand : 50 THB
Total Price : 250 THB



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👍Application : GOLDENBETTA
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