Indian Almond Leaves (Catappa Leaves), Tantanic, Gold Tantanic, Aquatan, and Blue Tannic share a similarity as all of them are aimed to provide tannins in a fish tank. However, there are significant differences as shown in the table below:

The comparison of Almond Leaves and GOLDENBETTA Tantanic, Gold Tantanic, Aquatan, and Blue Tannic
ComparisonAlmond LeavesTantanic, Gold Tantanic, Aquatan, BlueTannic
1. Tannin Content100 grams of dried Almond Leaves releases 13% of tannins100 grams of Tantanic releases 81% of tannins
2. Side EffectThe occurrence of scum formation on the water surfaceNo scum formation on the water surface
3. Liquid SolutionDo not dissolve well in water Immediately dissolved in water
4. ChlorineEliminationNot able to remove chlorine in the water. Need to let the water sit before using it to raise fishRemove chlorine immediately. No need to let the water sit before using it to raise fish.
5.DecompositionGradually disintegrate after being left in the water.Completely dissolved.
6. SmellProduce an unpleasant smell over time. Maintain its natural scent.
7. StabilityThe amount of tannin content depends on the weather, how it is kept and fermented.Release predictable and steady amount of tannins
8.ContaminationEasily get contaminated from organic contaminants like fungus and inorganic ones like oil and insecticide.Produced by a qualified manufacturer.Contain tannins with food-grade quality.
9.How to KeepNeed large space to preserve and not long-lasting in quality.Very compact in size and can be kept for 2 years without losing quality
10. How to UseNeed to be washed, sundried, and fermented before using.Can be used immediately
11. Frequency of Water ChangesDepend on the disintegration of theleavesTantanic doesn’t expire easily; therefore, it extends the duration of each water change.
12.SedimentationNot able to settle particles.Tantanic helps maintain clear water. Act as a magnet to capture substances, so the waste and particles are settled into a cluster.
13. Ammonia Elimination in WaterNo reports on ammonia eliminationWith tested results, Tantanic is highly effective in reducing ammonia poisoning in water. It adjusts the living conditions to be safe for a fish. Notice a cluster of reddish waste sunk in the bottom of a fish tank as tannins capture it.

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