The slime is a natural secretion, produced and released naturally to coat external skin and scales. It is a clear slimy substance with a fishy smell. Slime coat is natural in almost every type of fish.

- It acts as a sponge to absorb all dirty substances and prevent them from getting into fish’s bodies.
- It is a glycol protein secreted naturally from the glands under their skin.
The slime functions as a protective coat to shield fish from parasites and harmful substances outside. Also, when the environment has become unfamiliar to their nature, fishes get stressed and react to the new environment by secreting slime more than usual to protect themselves. For example, when a fish tank is filled with waste, food leftovers, and dirty particles, the poor conditions will cause the fish to become stressed and weakened. Their bodies become a perfect home for harmful micro-organisms to live in! To prevent these unwelcomed residents, the fish produce and release slime to protect themselves
One of our case studies is using hard water in a fish tank. The hard water isn’t common in fish’s natural habitats. Fishes naturally protect their skin by secreting slime. In this case, the betta owner lives in Nonthaburi, an area that is close to the sea. With high salt components in the water, it causes the water to be too hard. To solve this, use Tantanic to enhance the water conditions and control the pH level for your ornamental fish. Plus, feed your fish sufficiently – not too much or too little. The proper care will make the fish stay with you for a long time.

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