First of all, there are two things to remember: Sudden temperature changes in water can make your fish go into shock, and avoid feeding fish right after each water change.

Shocked betta fish is a common case that frequently happens, especially among beginners. As a betta owner, you want to provide the best care for your lovely pet. However, some mistakes may cause your fish to go into shock unintentionally! Feeding your fish right after a water change may seem like a treat, but you’re not giving it a proper rest. Fish need to adapt themselves after each water change. Their intestines will stop working, so they can’t digest properly. Keep in mind to avoid feeding your fish immediately after a water change.
Some of the new betta owners may not be aware of this. After getting betta fish from a pet shop, they feel the urge to feed their fish right away. Please be careful! When fish move to a new environment, their intestines will stop functioning naturally to adapt. If you feed a fish right after a water change, the fish will spit its food out. It is the main cause of diseases like dropsy. In the worst circumstance, this mistake can eventually lead the fish to death!
If you need to prepare betta fish for moving, stop feeding them for at least 6-8 hours. Fish generally spend 6-8 hours digesting a meal.
After feeding a meal, fasting your fish for up to the recommended period or more to avoid food leftovers in the fish’s digestive system. As shown in the case study, fish will throw up food or have some signs and symptoms.

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