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ลุงอ๋าปากน้ำ คุณธีรศักดิ์ สุพินพง นักพัฒนาสายพันธุ์ปลากัด ผู้สร้างสรรค์ปลากัดสีทอง คนแรกของโลก

เมล์   คุณนิภา สุพินพง นักพัฒนาสายพันธุ์ปลากัด และผู้ดูแลกิจกรรมในฟาร์ม

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 ลุงอ๋า ปากน้ำ เพาะพันธ์ุและพัฒนาสายพันธุ์ปลากัด DEVELOPING AND BREEDING NEW TYPES OF BETTA

หน้าหลัก เกี่ยวกับเรา  บทความปลากัด คลิปวีดีโอแกลอลี่ Golden Betta สาขา 1 Golden Betta สาขา 2 ติดต่อเรา



                 GOLDEN BETTA

               May I introduce myself, My name is Mr. Theerasak Supinpong or Ah Pak Nam and I am 56 years old.

I have enjoyed fishing since my childhood. I still remember my first fish was a wild betta from a paddy field in Nakhonratchasima.

I graduated from the 4th primary in education. I have ten brothers and sisters. My family is rather poor and I was a mechanic and combined this with colour spraying cars.

Behind my factory was a long cannal, and at one’s leisure. I brought a can with me to catch wild betta.

After my three year apprenticeship I was a skilful and experienced technician combined with a talent for spraying cars different colours.

I had an idea about breeding betta. I wanted to breed many colours and types of betta which resembled the colour combination from the cars.

When I was older I resigned from my workplace with the intention of breeding betta in earnest and combine the colours of betta, instead of combining the colour of cars.

I began to develop new types and colours of betta, such as lavender big ears. Thai was a unique fish which I created. Unfortunately lavender big ears, otherwise known as wind wing which was created in 2008 was not popular because it’s ears were oversized.

I have since developed and created many more varieties in many colours.

Nowaday I am famous for my successful breeding and creation of golden betta and hope to continue my success and create many more varieties in the future.

In 2004 betta were a pearl colour, platinum colour or bright gold. I bred betta for three years until

 I create the first golden betta in the world. The golden betta are now glittering the same as gold. A lot of effort went into a chieving this, because the first breeding attempts of golden betta were not a success

               Until 2006 I endeavoured to successfully breed golden betta.

               In 2007  Golden betta were published in the newspaper “Daily News”

               In 2008  Golden betta were shown on the TV programme “Open your ears and open your eyes”

               In 2009  Golden betta were shown at the Aquarama Fair in Singapore, by Kasetsart University

              In 2010  Golden betta were shown on the TV Programme “Uncle and grandchild in the evening”















 ธีรศักดิ์ สุพินพง (ลุงอ๋า ปากน้ำ)

นิภา สุพินพง (เมล์)






















ID LINE : maynizaa1

FACEBOOK : www.facebook.com/goldenbetta

INSTAGRAM : Goldenbetta

Email: www.goldenbetta.com
Website: www.goldenbetta.com


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